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SST Android Suite is free software developed for SST-GSM by Anatoliy Tanev.

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SST Android Suite is a set of useful programs for Android devices over ADB protocol. It includes ADB Tools- SST Android Toolbox and SST ADB Shell, SST Android Data Recovery, SST Android Contacts/Messages/Call Logs Recovery and Universal ADB Driver.

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SST Backup Tool


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SST Android Data Backup Tool is a tool which helps the users to read and backup the entire DATA partition of their devices. This partition could be later mounted to PC as a virtual drive or scanned for deleted files with SST Android File Recovery Software.Use this tool if you could not mount your internal SD card as USB Mass Storage Device or you want to backup files from DATA partition.

SST Advanced Adb Shell is a usefull GUI utility to connect to your device through Android Debug Bridge (ADB) interface over USB. This tool can connect to your device even if multiple ADB devices are connected to PC. You could use it to send linux commands to your device like in linux/unix terminal window. SST Advanced Adb Shell is not a GUI frontend for adb.exe. It is entire GUI application that communicates directly with Windows ADB driver. Universal ADB driver is supplied in the installer.


SST Android File Recovery is a GUI file recovery tool that helps the user to recover deleted files from already read by SST Android Data Backup Tool backup image. With this tool you could recover you deleted pictures, videos or documents even from etirely wiped data partition. Usually other recovery software recover data only from mounted, USB Mass Storage enabled devices and lack of support for devices with FUSE FS where the internal SD card is in DATA partition.


SST File Recovery

Windows TestMode Tool is optional tool to enable Windows Test Mode. In this mode the user can install drivers on 64 bit Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 even if the driver is not digitally signed by Microsoft. With this tool you could also toggle the Windows TestMode.

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SST BoxOne Box Drivers

SST BoxOne is a hardware with full set of Siemens/ BENQ-Siemens cables and test point cables. It is Hi Speed USB to serial adaper with additional USB slot for SST Dongle. The USB powered test point needles could be used for test mode activation of many devices with Flash or eMMC memory. The drivers are updated to support Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 .For 64 bit Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 a Windows Test Mode Toggle tool is provided.

Download SST BoxOne Box Drivers

SST Service Toolbox Free v 5.38

This is our original software from 2004. It was rebuilt as a free version. This version supports only Siemens GSM mobile phones produced before Dec 2004. The latest version SST Service Toolbox is v 7.61 and is available for download only for registered customers from our support area. This version is signed and virus free unlike the "cracked" versions available on the net. This version could also be installed in Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 unlike the "cracked" version which supported only Windows 9x/2000/XP.

Download SST Service Toolbox Free v 5.38

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